2024 Head Prefect, Deputy Head Prefect announced

From the time he arrived at Blackfriars as a Year 7 student in 2019, Michael Ward knew he wanted to be a leader in the school community.

Today, he reached the pinnacle of that long-held ambition, being elected Blackfriars’ 2024 Head Prefect.

“It (leadership) was really something I wanted to work towards when I started here in Year 7,” Michael said.

“The Prefects when I started here, I still remember them … they were really big role models to me and really inspired me. And since then, it (leadership) is something I have been pursuing, House Captain, Deputy House Captain, taking every opportunity I could to further my own skills with the ultimate goal of trying to make a difference at the school.”

Michael said the 2024 Prefects had “lots of great ideas” about how they wanted next year to look. They remained committed to running Blackfriars Greatest Shave, which this year raised more than $10,000 for the Mary Potter Foundation, but hoped to make it even bigger.

“This Prefect team is amazing. It’s going to be a really amazing year,” he said.

Michael Ward, centre, is Blackfriars’ 2024 Head Prefect

Deputy Head Prefect announced

Nam Le is our 2024 Deputy Head Prefect.

“I hope to bring a sense of connection with the younger year levels,” Nam said of his plans for 2024.

“Part of being a leader is understanding that the younger kids look up to you … but it’s a learning experience that goes both ways. So, you want the younger students to be comfortable with you, share their ideas with you, tell you what they would like to see happen in the school.”

Nam’s brother, Sang Le (BPS’22), was also a Prefect during his final year at Blackfriars.

“One of the reasons I wanted to be a Prefect was to make my mum and my brother proud,” Nam said.

Nam Le, presenting at the Arch D Radio Podcasting Awards, is the 2024 Deputy Head Prefect.

Mr Ruggiero said Michael and Nam were excellent choices for the key student leadership roles.

“They are outstanding young men who have and will continue to represent Blackfriars with pride,” Mr Ruggiero said.

“I am confident that Michael and Nam have the personal qualities and respect of the community to lead and inspire our students to embrace the four pillars of Study, Prayer, Community and Service, being the life and essence of our Dominican education.

“I thank them for accepting the mantle of leadership and wish them every success and blessing for the year ahead.”

Blackfriars sincerely thanks 2023 Head Prefect Reuben Calleja and Deputy Head Prefect Harrison Dallimore for their leadership, dedication and commitment throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you back to Blackfriars as valued members of our old scholars community.

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