The Blackfriars Parents + Friends Association is an integral part of the Blackfriars community, providing a structure for parents and others interested in the welfare of our students to plan and organise activities for the benefit of the school.

The Blackfriars Parents + Friends Association (P+F) was established in 1954. From its inception, it has assisted Blackfriars to achieve its goals by working in partnership in the education and development of students. The P+F and its sub-committees, exist for the benefit of the school – they are part of its structure; not something separate from it.


To ensure the success and growth of the school, the Blackfriars Parents + Friends Association aims to:

  • Encourage parental involvement in the educational experience of all students at Blackfriars.
  • Build a strong sense of community and school spirit.
  • Provide opportunities where people respect and value the unique character interests, gifts and abilities of each individual.
  • Assist with the planning, conduct and evaluation of major events.
  • Provide activities and events in the interest of the students.
  • Assist in fundraising for targeted projects.

A warm welcome is extended to all Blackfriars parents to be part of the P+F Association Committee and/or its special interest sub-committees. Extensive research indicates that children benefit from parental involvement in school life and therefore parents are encouraged to become engaged and active participants at Blackfriars.

2024 P+F Association Committee

  • Natalie Galkowski (President)
  • Belinda Vella (Vice-President)
  • Jon Driscoll (Treasurer)
  • Tahlia Gutte (Secretary) – ex officio
  • Rolf Scharfbillig
  • Eleni Choimes
  • Jacqui Bloffwitch
  • Louise Carlier
  • Corinna Renney
  • Sonia Smith
  • Lexi Revel
  • Krystyna Sykes
  • Melissa Ryan
  • Narita Price
  • Mark Groote
  • Rajesh Jammula
  • Craig Godden
  • Karina Carman
  • Amy Delany
  • Luke Oswald
  • Emma Begg – ex officio
  • Patrick Kelly – ex officio

2024 meeting dates

The P+F Committee meets twice per term and all are welcome to attend. All meetings are 7pm in St Catherine’s, Blackfriars, unless otherwise indicated.

  • Saturday 3 February – Planning Day – (Frassati Hall, 10am to 2pm)
  • Tuesday 13 February
  • Monday 26 February
  • Tuesday 26 March
  • Tuesday 30 April
  • Tuesday 11 June
  • Tuesday 23 July
  • Tuesday 27 August
  • Tuesday 22 October
  • Wednesday 26 November – Social meeting

For more information about becoming involved or to enquire about attending our next meeting, please email us