Welcome to Blackfriars; an independent Catholic school in the Dominican tradition delivering excellence in the education of boys. Blackfriars enrols boys and girls into the Early Learning Centre and boys only from Reception to Year 12.

Education at Blackfriars engages the whole person and is founded on the unique Dominican tradition and Four Pillars of Prayer, Study, Community and Service. We educate our students with an understanding of the spiritual as well as the intellectual, physical and social aspects of their lives. We work in collaboration with our families, recognising that parents are the first educators of their children, working together to develop young men of integrity, faith and character who positively contribute to society.

At Blackfriars we acknowledge the individuality of each student, recognising and accepting the differences in God-given gifts and talents of every boy. In this way we celebrate each student with respect to his unique character. The learning and teaching model at Blackfriars is personalised for the benefit of each student, enabling authentic growth and success regardless of academic or social ability.

Partnership with parents is vital and educational research strongly supports a close relationship between parents, students and the school to ensure the best educational outcomes for students. At Blackfriars, parents are encouraged to participate in the life of our school through engagement with our online learning portal (SEQTA), frequent and regular contact with teachers, involvement in our diverse co-curricular program as well as support and involvement in the broader school environment, such as governance, attendance at community events and membership of the Parents + Friends Association.

Our school campus incorporates excellent facilities, including spacious Early Leaning Centre (ELC) and Primary Years precincts. Our constructivist philosophy of education is reflected in the design of our learning spaces, such as the Library, Chapel, modern general learning areas and specialist rooms for Technology, Art, Music and Drama, as well as generous grounds. Our ELC, for girls and boys aged 3-5, provides learning and social interaction in a nurturing environment, based on the Reggio Emilia model of play, curiosity and discovery.

We are a diverse, multicultural school and welcome students from overseas who wish to study in Australia. Blackfriars offers both long and short-term home-stay programs, hosting students from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan as well as from across Europe. Our international program adds an extra dimension to life at Blackfriars, enabling local and international students to think beyond boundaries, form lasting global friendships and develop an informed perspective of the world.

While we are a proud Catholic school, families of other faith traditions and families who share our values, as expressed in our Mission and Vision, are most welcome to apply for enrolment.

I encourage you to view our website and contact our school for further information and enrolment details.

I invite you to discover more about Blackfriars and learn how our contemporary curriculum and focus on the education of the whole person in the unique Dominican tradition provides every opportunity for each boy to achieve success.

David Ruggiero (BPS’92)