Ready for take off: A farewell to the Class of 2022

The Class of 2022 has marked the end of one chapter in their Blackfriars journeys.

Our graduating Year 12s, their parents and friends gathered on Friday night at the 2022 Academic Assembly to celebrate the culmination of the boys’ schooling.

Speaking at the Academic Assembly, Principal David Ruggiero said while the Class of 2022 had, exams aside, now finished school, they would always be part of the Blackfriars community.

“It is the ending of one thing, but the commencement of another,” said Mr Ruggiero, himself a Blackfriars old scholar.

“Like an airport, flights leave and return. You are departing from Blackfriars today and new students will commence next year. You were once those new students. I was once that new student.

“You are leaving the community as students, but you are commencing a new and eternal journey, that of an old scholar.

“And, might I add, what a splendid group of luminaries you have joined. Welcome aboard.”

A number of awards were also formally presented at the Academic Assembly, including the Jordan of Saxony School Spirit Award, which this year went to Lachlan Pedersen.

The award recognises the Blackfriars student who most aptly demonstrates attitudes and behaviours that promote the four pillars of Dominican life – Prayer, Study, Community and Service. It is the pinnacle of all school awards.

Prospect Mayor and Blackfriars Board Chair David O’Loughlin, who won the Jordon of Saxony Award in 1982, this year’s recipient Lachlan Pedersen and Blackfriars Director of Development Patrick Kelly, who won the award in 1990.

“Your dedication and success have been formally acknowledged,” said Mr Ruggiero of all the award winners.

“The breadth of awards highlights the diversity of our community and acknowledges that Blackfriars is a school for all.

“It most definitely takes a village to raise a child and our school community is part of your village.”

2022 Head Prefect Dan Heath used his Academic Assembly address to thank his classmates.

“You are the reason I am the person I am,” Dan told the assembly.

“There is quote that says we are the average of the people we spend the most time with. If this is true, I feel so lucky to be the average of the kindest, strongest, bravest and funniest people I’ll ever meet.

“(Learning Engagement and Pathways Coordinator) Mr (Carl) Todman once said that we never stop learning after school, and I know that is true for the people in this room.

“You all have the capacity to make the most of yourselves, to excel in your field and to lead lives worth living. I thank you for what you’ve already taught me.”

The Class of 2022 on their final day of school.

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