Greenfriars launched on World Environment Day

To mark World Environment Day (5 June), Blackfriars is pleased to formally unveil our new environmental strategy, Greenfriars.

Greenfriars will help guide Blackfriars’ sustainability initiatives over coming years, as well as ensuring environmental sustainability knowledge, as appropriate, across all year levels, is embedded in the school’s culture.


Speaking at last week’s ELC-Year 12 assembly, Greenfriars Coordinator Trent Allwood said the school was excited to launch the action plan.

“The plan aims to run for four years, approximately, with the aim of making our school a more sustainable place,” said Mr Allwood, also a Year 5/6 teacher.

“You may be asking yourself, ‘what is sustainability?’. To put it simply, it is an an ethical approach to how we live to give future generations, being our children and their children, the best chance to live a life like we do now. It is an aim to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. It is our hope that this plan engages the school, from ELC-12, along with staff, to ensure we do our best to foster sustainability in the world that God has given us.

“This year, we as a school will be participating in some recycling initiatives that aim to educate us on the importance of correct recycling to contribute to the circular economy.”

Wonder Recycling Rewards

Wonder Recycling is a soft-plastics recycling program (not RedCycle) that works in conjunction with schools. In 2023, they are teaming up with more than 2000 schools to collect bread bags that can be reused to create new food packaging. We have four collection points here at Blackfriars – the Primary Administration, Hallinan Library, ELC and OSHC. Simply collect your empty bread bags (please shake out excess crumbs) and place them in one of the bins provided. Please note, these must be bread bags only and not any soft plastics.

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs collect plastic bread tags nationally. The tags are recycled locally, raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people, mainly in South Africa. We have three collection points here at Blackfriars – Primary Administration, ELC and the Hallinan Library. Please note, cardboard bread tags are not accepted for this program and should be placed inside an envelope in bulk and recycled through your yellow bin.

See your SEQTA messages for more information.


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