Student voice: Up close and personal with the Redbacks

On Tuesday 22 November, 13 boys in Year 7 were invited to go to the South Australian Redbacks vs the Queensland Bulls at Adelaide Oval. Students Panteli Vasilopoulos and Benjamin Stargatt tell the story.

The students walked to the stadium and, on the way, stopped at Bakery on O’Connell for breakfast and lunch, where lots of us bought some tasty treats for the day.

As we got to the stadium, we found our seats at the city end and sat down for an hour to watch the end of the first session.

Just before the lunch break, we got to play cricket at some indoor cricket nets. At the nets there was a speedometer, which was a major attraction for our Year 7s. We each got to bowl and bat, which was great fun!

Once we returned to the inside of the stadium, we got to watch a little bit of the game before the lunch break started. During the lunch break, all the schools at the stadium were allowed to go onto the oval to take a photo.

Then some of the boys bought lunch at one of the kiosks. As we got back to our seats, we got to sit down and watch the game.

While watching the game, Redbacks player Nathan McAndrew was fielding in front of us. We all got to get his autograph and talk to him for a bit.

Later, we saw other Redbacks players Thomas Kelly and Harry Conway. Kelly was fielding while Conway was sitting on the bench. We all rushed over to the bench to get their autographs as well.

Overall, we all had a great day at the game and we watched some excellent cricket.


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