Leaders’ names added to school Honour Boards

Being named captain of a Blackfriars sporting team is a great honour; captaining two teams in the same year is a privilege reserved for just a few.

Year 12 student Josh Stodden is leading Blackfriars’ First XVIII Football team, as well as the First XI Cricket side, in 2022. 

Alongside Matthew Vanderwoude (Cricket co-captain) and Finn Hudson (Football), Josh will help guide the teams through the regular seasons, as well as Intercol matches against CBC. 

Since 1963, just 16 Blackfriars students have captained both the First XVIII Football and First XI Cricket sides.

“Leading both the cricket and footy team for Blackfriars is such a privilege,” Josh said. 

“The things I love most about the sports is the enjoyment of playing alongside my mates and the culture we have created. Being able to run out with my mates and play the game we love is the most enjoyable thing.” 

The First XVIII was looking particularly strong.  

Blackfriars First XVIII Football Captain Josh Stodden in action.

“Last year, we played in the Grand Final and I can only see us backing that up again this year,” Josh said.  

“Intercol will be a very competitive game and we have a good chance to make it three wins in a row.” 

He was also looking forward to the Intercol cricket match at the end of the year. 

“The last two years have been very close, and I expect this year to be the exact same,” he said. 

Josh playing cricket for Blackfriars against CBC.

Donato Caiazza has been named First XI Soccer Captain for 2022, and Jack Slaven and Ben Taylor are again leading the Open A Water Polo team. 

Co-Curricular Administrator Matilda Comley said Blackfriars had a “proud and rich tradition of a high-quality co-curricular program that catered to the various needs and interests of our students”.  

“Throughout each year, and within each sport, we have students who present as natural leaders, whose effort, attitude and teamwork is a level above,” Ms Comley said  

“To lead one of our First XI, First XVIII or Senior A teams comes with the responsibility of communication and discipline. These students are expected to be a role model and encourage personal best, providing a high-quality culture that is inclusive to all.” 

The 2022 sporting captains’ names have now been inscribed on the Honour Boards in the school Library, alongside the 2021 Dux (Brandon Truong), 2021 School Spirit award winner (Lewis Saint), 2021 Sportsman of the Year (Dylan Bignell) and 2022 Head Prefect (Daniel Heath). 

It’s an honour 

  • 2021 Dux – Brandon Truong 
  • 2021 School Spirit – Lewis Saint 
  • 2021 Sportsman of the Year – Dylan Bignell 
  • 2022 Head Prefect – Daniel Heath 
  • 2022 First XI Cricket Captains – Joshua Stodden and Matthew Vanderwoude 
  • 2022 First XVIII Football Captains – Finn Hudson and Joshua Stodden 
  • 2022 First XI Soccer Captain – Donato Caiazza 
  • 2022 Open A Water Polo Captains – Jack Slaven and Ben Taylor 

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