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Soccer Academy

The Blackfriars Soccer Academy is a highly specialised program available for students at all year levels – from the Early Learning Centre to Year 12.

In the more formal stages of the Academy program, students in Years 5 and 6 participate for two specialist lessons per week during Semester 1. In Years 7 to 10 the program is offered as an elective to students who have an interest and demonstrated ability for the sport. The elective program comprises of three lessons per week and offered during Semester 2.

Academy participants are expected to place school soccer as a priority over club soccer.  Where more than 20 students choose the elective program, selection will be on merit.

Areas covered in the Academy curriculum include:

  • Ball mastery – dribbling, feints, cuts, exploration of the ball
  • Passing and control – first touch, space, possession, position
  • Transitions from defence / midfield/ to attack – small sided games
  • Advantages of football play within game orientations
  • Developing self-esteem / leadership and positive role modelling
  • National Football Curriculum – Australia

The program boasts highly experienced and credentialed coaches and coordinators with National League, State League and A-League experience.

Graduates of the Blackfriars Soccer Academy have gone on to represent Australia at various age levels, to further training and study at the Australian Institute of Sport, and a number signing professional contracts with a variety of A-League and FFSA clubs.

Enquiries relating to the Blackfriars Soccer Academy can be directed to Program Coordinator, Ernie Luongo.