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Students from Reception to Year 12 participate in our successful instrumental and choral program. The school demonstrates a strong commitment to classroom music as part of the curriculum where students are offered an array of performance and creative opportunities.

Blackfriars boasts an impressive Music Centre, containing excellent music facilities, new classrooms and tuition rooms to ensure teaching and learning is delivered at a high standard.

An extensive range of SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 subjects are on offer including:

  • Ensemble Performance
  • Solo Performance
  • Music Studies
  • Music Explorations

Many Music students have performed exceptionally well in their SACE Stage 2 studies.

Music students are invited to participate in an array of co-curricular ensembles to extend not only their technical and performance abilities, but also their social and interpersonal development. Students who learn an instrument are able to participate in one of the 3 Blackfriars Concert Bands Blackfriars according to their age and/or musical ability and participate in the annual ABODA festival.

The Blackfriars Stage Band is an elite, audition only ensemble which plays many performances at school functions and around Adelaide.  The Stage Band, travels to Mt Gambier each year to compete in the National Festival, Generations in Jazz. Blackfriars upholds its reputation for achieving outstanding results and performing among the highest caliber of musicians in Australia.

Blackfriars also boasts an impressive vocal program with a 5/6/7 choir and Senior Vocal group, offering boys the opportunity to develop their vocal technique and performance skills.  The Blackfriars vocal program is a strong participant in the Catholic Schools Music Festival.

Other co-curricular ensembles include Rock, Saxophone, Flute, Brass, Guitar and Percussion ensembles. Blackfriars also offers a Woodwind and Brass immersion program for students who are in Years 3 to 7.

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