It’s all fun and games to raise money for refugees

Move over, Sideshow Alley – the Year 6 classroom at Blackfriars might just have you beat.

Mr Niedzwiecki’s students yesterday turned their classroom into a bustling games arcade, with boys from across the Primary School invited in to play.

And while it was indeed all fun and games, the event had a very serious purpose – to raise money for people displace by the war in Ukraine.

“We are currently reading a fascinating and sometimes terrifying novel called Refugee, by Alan Gratz,” Year 6 student Jono told an assembly in the lead up to the event.

“Earlier in the year, Year 6N and 5/6V staged a fantastic exhibition showing why people migrate to Australia.

“Our studies have given us a great insight into the plight of refugees. We learned that refugees have to make tough choices and most have to work hard to survive.”

Fellow Year 6 student Jacob told the assembly his class was “keen to support the refugees of Ukraine” and live out the Dominican Pillars.

“Mr Nej (Niedzwiecki) often tells us that it is better to try to help some people, rather than none,” Jacob said.

“Please keep supporting in whatever way you can.”

The Year 6N boys made the arcade games – including pinball and ball toss – from recycled materials, such as cardboard boxes and paper.

For 50c, every player had the chance to score enough points to receive a raffle ticket, with families of the Year 6 students donating prizes.

The raffle will be drawn at the Primary School assembly tomorrow (Friday).

The students raised $280 over lunchtime, which will be donated to the Dominican Friars to support those displaced by the war in Ukraine.

“Thank you to all of the families who donated prizes and made cash donations, too,” Mr Niedzwiecki said.

“Thank you to the boys and families who supported the games at the arcade. It was great to see everyone having fun and working together for an important cause.

“Well done to the 6N boys who made the games and gave up their time. Hopefully, you have inspired others to do whatever they can to support those in need.”


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