End-of-term message from our Deputy Principal

As we progress towards the mid-year break, it is an opportune time to share the following resources from the Australian Government’s Respect website.

As a school, Blackfriars places a very high priority on continually identifying opportunities to reinforce what respectful behaviour looks like – and does not look like – for our boys.

We think this is important in the students’ interactions with each other, adults in their lives and with females.

There are many moments in the school day, and in time students spend away from school, where this can be taught and reinforced.

The Respect website is a great resource for parents.

It has a range of short videos, case studies and conversation guides that can be used by families, as well as parents who may be involved with young people in other ways, for example, a sports coach.

We would encourage families to access the resources and use them where possible.

And we will continue to develop these skills with the boys, here at school.

Brett Knowles, Deputy Principal


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