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There are many ways to get involved in the Blackfriars community; whether you’re interested in supporting a special event, helping out in the classroom or coaching a sports team. 

The Pillar of Community

At Blackfriars we are inspired by the Four Pillars of Dominican Life. Prayer, Study, Community and Service work together to promote an authentic and flourishing life for each person, for their community, and ultimately for the wider human community. The pillars address the key relationships in life: relationship with God, with self, and with neighbour.

Through our commitment to the Pillar of Community, we are called to respect all members of the Blackfriars community, showing special care for those who are in need. We build this by developing healthy friendships, self-respect, self-confidence and a promise to serve one another.

One way we demonstrate this is an invitation to parents, caregivers and friends to be involved in aspects of students’ learning. At Blackfriars, parental involvement is always welcomed and strongly encouraged.

Blackfriars realises that many parents / caregivers find involvement in formal committees too difficult. For this reason, we ask families to indicate some of the ways in which you might be of assistance to our school community. Hopefully, the variety of activities is wide enough for all to find some way of participating in the community life of Blackfriars.


Volunteers play an important role in the education of children and young people in partnership with our staff.  Volunteering helps provide quality care and education to our students and supports Blackfriars to promote values drawn from our Catholic tradition in order to prepare them for more active participation in the world.

Ways to Volunteer at Blackfriars:

It is important that your involvement and participation in the life of our school is rewarding and a mutually beneficial experience.  Depending upon the capacity in which you are interested in volunteering, it may be necessary for you to undertake a Working with Children Check and/or Volunteer Responding to Abuse and Neglect (RAN): Education and Care training and/or a Workplace Health and Safety induction.

Where relevant, our WHS Coordinator, will provide you with an Induction Pack for Volunteers and assist with any forms required. Blackfriars will cover any relevant costs associated with volunteering at our school.

If you would like to volunteer at Blackfriars, please download a copy of our Volunteering Opportunities form below and return it to school in person or via email. You can also learn more by contacting the Development Office on 08 8169 3900.

Volunteering Opportunities