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Blackfriars encourages all boys to aspire to positions of leadership among their peers. Our school Prefects are elected annually by senior students and staff to represent them and their school at a variety of events.

Prefects meet weekly with the Principal to coordinate student-based initiatives and activities as well as to bring student matters to the attention of the school executive team.

2020 Prefects

Harry Catley – DEPUTY HEAD
Tom Mears
Adriano Caiazza
Lucas Ryan
Frank Snelling
Minh-Khoi Tran
Julian Cornish
Armon Houshmand
Gianni Macolino
Ali Mohammadi
Trung Nguyen

2020 Young Christian Service (YCS) Leaders

In addition to the Prefects, our YCS Leaders work with the Assistant Principal: Religious Identity & Mission, to promote the Pillar of Service, in a Catholic context, through a variety of school activities.

Victor Lim

Michael Nong

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