Blackfriars Greatest Shave 2024, supporting The Mary Potter Foundation

It’s back!

Once again, the Blackfriars Prefects – and a few brave teachers – are preparing to lose their locks (and some beards) to support the palliative care work of The Mary Potter Foundation.

Since 2021, Blackfriars Greatest Shave has raised more than $16,500 for foundation. This year, the Prefects hope to raise another $10,000.

Along with the Prefect group, teachers Charles Worthington, Nick Jeffries (BPS’13), Beau Leonard and Henry Green will face the shave.

If the boys can raise $7500, Science teacher Melanie Golding’s ponytail gets the chop.

And a mystery staff member, with an eye-catching head of hair, has also put themselves forward to lose their locks – if donations hit the $10,000 target. Currently, donations sit at almost $2300.

Prefect Will Campbell has been growing his hair for maximum impact on the day.

“It’s very important as a school that we support The Mary Potter Foundation and their goals, as they align with our school values,” Will said.

Fellow Prefect Max Sullivan was excited, but nervous, to face the clippers.

“I’ve never had a buzz before. I’m very, very nervous,” Max said.

“The Greatest Shave bring us together as a community. It shows out values and also allow us to demonstrate the Dominican pillars of community and service, while also supporting a great cause and improving the lives of many people in the Mary Potter Hospice.”

Prefects Will Campbell and Max Sullivan will lose their locks as part of Blackfriars Greatest Shave.

For Ms Golding, the decision to have her ponytail chopped off was an easy one.

“I had been thinking about signing up for the Greatest Shave for some time,” Ms Golding said.

“My maternal grandmother spent some time in the wonderful care of the Mary Potter Hospice, before passing away due to pancreatic cancer.

“I wanted to show my support for those now in the hospice and their families.”

The 2023 Prefect group after last year’s Greatest Shave, which raised more than $10,000.

The Mary Potter Foundation said every dollar raised would “help change the experience  for patients and their families in the hospice”.

“We are so humbled by the incredible Blackfriars students and teachers and by the love they have for patients and families receiving palliative and end-of-life care,” the Foundation said.

“Many people in our community probably think about Hospice care as the end, and while it is true that the outcome won’t change for families, we believe with your help we do change the experience.

“What we see every day, and what is made possible through your support, is that the Hospice is about living every day, every hour.  It is about people continuing to add to the stories of their lives.”

  • Blackfriars Greatest Shave will be held as part of a whole-school assembly on Thursday 11 April. Donations can be made online here.

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