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15 May 2020

Year 11s Economic Advisors for the day

The City of Prospect conducted a focus group session this morning with our Year…

The City of Prospect conducted a focus group session this morning with our Year 11 Economics students on the 2020-2021 Draft Annual Business Plan. Together, City of Prospect CEO Nigel McBride and Manager Financial Services Chris Birch led our students through the plan for the coming financial year and in turn, students were able to share their views and recommendations for the council.

Throughout the workshop, there was a particular focus on the City of Prospect’s COVID-19 response measures for ratepayers and local businesses. Mr McBride said it was an invaluable opportunity to gauge youth perspectives on the City of Prospect’s plans in this unique social and economic context.

‘Following on from our successful Youth Budget Workshop sessions last year, and continuing to develop our partnership with Blackfriars, it was excellent to be able to include local students in our community consultation process,’

‘This will give students at Blackfriars ‘real time’ experience and real-life engagement with our council planning and processes,’ said Mr McBride.

The class teacher, Mr Henry Green, said he was appreciative of the opportunity for his students to gain real-world insights into the business side of the council, and to see first-hand the kinds of modelling and planning that go into economic decision-making.

‘Real-world learning opportunities like these are an integral part of making learning relevant and accessible to our students, and sessions like these can have an ongoing impact on our students as they enter the world of work – and council ratepaying,’ said Mr Green.

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