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10 September 2021

Tuning into a musical silver lining

When it comes to performing in front of a video camera, rather than a…

When it comes to performing in front of a video camera, rather than a live audience, Blackfriars’ music students have not missed a beat.

For the second year running, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the school’s annual Music Concert will be available for viewing online.

Blackfriars’ Head of Performing Arts Lucy Pope said the virtual format opened the concerts up to people across the globe.

“I know last year, we had some families who watched the concerts from Canada and London,” Miss Pope said.

“Having the concerts online allows so many more people to see the boys perform, so that’s a good thing. We can reach audiences who may have never come to a physical concert.”

Blackfriars’ Music Captain Kevin Mach and Vice Music Captain Daniel Heath said while they missed performing in front of a live audience, the virtual format had its own rewards.

“I’ve found self-motivating, knowing I won’t be playing to a crowd, difficult,” Daniel, 16, said.

“But when they set up the cameras, you still feel just as nervous.

“It’s nice to feel the energy bouncing off just the people in the band. That sort of adrenaline. You can feel the whole band.”

Kevin, 17, said there were still testing moments in presenting a filmed performance, as opposed to performing to a live audience.

“Recording and getting it perfect … that’s been challenging,” he said.

The school’s Trumpet Ensemble performing as part of the virtual concert.

The pair are passionate advocates for Blackfriars’ music program.

“I’d been playing guitar since I was five or six … (and) pretty much, since day one at Blackfriars, I’ve been involved in the music courses,” said Daniel, who plays guitar and bass.

“I just think it’s a real community here and we’re quite the music school. It’s very welcoming in the band. Starting in Year 8, I was the youngest member in the Stage Band by a couple of years, and they were all getting behind me and they were all helping me. I found that really comforting.”

Kevin agreed: “It’s a really good opportunity to expand your friendship groups. You end up being mates with people you’d never expect to be mates with. Everyone is just really supportive, really welcoming.”

Kevin’s musical journey has already taken him beyond the school gates, becoming part of a band established as part of the Autumn Jams! program run, in April, by the City of Prospect, Music SA and Headspace Adelaide.

“I played piano in primary school … since I was maybe eight or nine,” Kevin said.

“I came here and did the general music course with Mrs Hunter and she saw my potential and recommended me to jump up to specialist music. Miss Reppucci introduced me to the co-curricular side as a xylophone player in Concert Band 1.”

Miss Pope said the virtual concert could not have gone ahead without the support of a talented and dedicated team.

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You can watch the concert here.