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4 May 2020

Term 2 transition to face-to-face delivery

The purpose of this post is to update you on the arrangements for the…

The purpose of this post is to update you on the arrangements for the beginning of Week 3 of Term 2 at Blackfriars.

Transition to Face to Face Delivery of Learning

The mode of delivery of learning for primary and secondary students will transition to face to face teaching from Monday 11 May, the beginning of Week 3.

Why have we made this change?

The Chief Medical Officer of South Australia has declared that schools are safe sites for children and safe worksites for adults.

Blackfriars has been open to students from the commencement of Term 2 with attendance rising to 89% in the primary school and 76% in the secondary school (as of Monday 4 May).  Hence, the majority of students have now returned to school.  The change to face to face teaching from next Monday is therefore in response to student attendance data and in keeping with Health and Government advice to schools.

I understand that some parents may wish keep their sons at home due to medical reasons and this remains the prerogative of families.  Blackfriars will continue to support the learning and wellbeing of your sons at home via access to “static resources” from See-saw and SEQTA.  Students will also be able to communicate with teachers via email and SEQTA.

As per previous communication, parents and caregivers must not send students who are unwell to school.

The attendance roll will be taken for students at school and students working from home will be required to contact the Home-Group Teacher (Secondary) or Classroom Teacher (Primary) by 8.45am each morning to register their attendance.  Parents of boys working at home are encouraged to maintain communication with your son’s Home-Group Teacher (Secondary), Class Teacher (Primary) and Subject Teachers on a regular basis.

On Campus Attendance (Uniform)

I remind parents / caregivers that students are required to wear the approved winter uniform, including the school blazer, for Term 2.

Health and Hygiene

The School will continue to implement current measures to protect all members of our Blackfriars community.

The following measures have been implemented at Blackfriars:

  1. Posters reminding staff and students to maintain hygiene and social distancing have been circulated and placed in all classrooms.
  2. Temporary barriers have been placed in community areas especially where members of the public access our staff.
  3. Temporary floor decals have been installed in selected areas to identify social distancing measures.
  4. Increased cleaning of the school has been undertaken during the break and will continue throughout Term 2.
  5. Students who display any flu like symptoms will be sent to the Student Services Office and parents will be contacted to collect their child.
  6. Recess and lunch will continue to be staggered.

Adult to adult social distancing principles have been implemented by staff of Blackfriars.  Health authorities have advised that social distancing is not required for student to student interaction.

Financial Support

I remind parents and caregivers that Blackfriars is providing support to families who have lost significant income due to COVID-19.  Any family who is experiencing financial difficulty is encouraged to contact the Finance Office and we will confidentially and sensitively work through this with you.

In conclusion, the transition to face to face teaching by Monday 11 May is a result of the increased attendance of students on-site and present in classrooms.  This change has been possible in South Australia due to the flattening of the COVID-19 curve and in keeping with the advice to schools from Health and Government Authorities. I thank parents and caregivers for your understanding and collaboration with us during this global crisis and I ask that we continue to work closely together with open channels of communication in order to best serve the holistic needs of our students.

Simon Cobiac