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24 October 2021

Top of the class – 2021 award winners

As we farewell the Class of 2021, we acknowledge the students who have made…

As we farewell the Class of 2021, we acknowledge the students who have made significant contribution to the four pillars of Dominican life at Blackfriars – Prayer, Study, Community and Service.

We wish them, and the entire 2021 Year 12 cohort, all the very best as they finish their time at Blackfriars and get ready for their post-school journeys.

“This is a vitally important time of transition for our Year 12 students as they prepare for their final exams and to farewell a very significant chapter of their lives, their Blackfriars Priory School education and community life journey,” Principal Simon Cobiac said of the Class of 2021.

“Blackfriars has been like a second home to our students.

“They have spent countless hours with each other in homeroom and classes, at recess and lunchtime and in many co-curricular activities where they have represented Blackfriars with great pride.

“Many are filled with mixed emotions – the excitement of moving further into adulthood and starting a new phase of their lives that will open opportunities that will guide them to further explore a new path of their life’s journey, yet it may well be a time that is also mixed with anxiety about that future, the sadness of saying goodbye to friends, teachers and the letting go of the familiarity and pastoral embrace of our community.”