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9 September 2021

Simple question that could save a life

Are you OK? It’s a very simple question, but one that can have very…

Are you OK? It’s a very simple question, but one that can have very powerful consequences.

On Wednesday, 8 September, the Blackfriars community came together for two special events – R U OK? Day and the Hutt St Centre’s Walk a Mile in My Boots.

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives.

Its key message is simple – A conversation could change a life.

“R U OK?’s research has shown that conversations can make a difference when someone is struggling,” the charity said.

“It’s better to ask than not ask. Young people are more likely to speak to their friends and family first. That’s why it’s important that everyone is prepared and knows what to do if they are worried about someone.

“Asking a friend how they are going could be the first step in getting them the help they need.”

During a school gathering on Wednesday morning, Blackfriars prefects Lewis Saint and Mitchell Gregory said R U OK? Day was an important opportunity for all students to focus on good mental health.

“We ask that while you enjoy your breakfast this morning and hang out with mates, just check in with those mates,” Mitchell told the group.

“Find out how they are going. See how they are finding school. It’s really important that we are keeping up with each other and making sure that we’re all doing all right, because we’re all in this together, boys.”

Earlier in the day, about 580 Blackfriars students took part in the Hutt St Centre’s Walk a Mile in My Boots fundraiser.

The younger boys walked around school, while students from Year 3-12 headed down Prospect Rd, to St Dominic’s Oval, and back to school.

This year, thousands of people from across Australia, and as far away as Latvia, took part in the event, raising almost $612,000 to help end homelessness.

Principal Simon Cobiac said R U OK? Day and Walk a Mile in My Boots were two important events that engaged the Dominican Pillars, the cornerstones of our school mission.

“These events give witness to the pillars of Community and Service,” Mr Cobiac said.

“Our acknowledgement and participation in these events empower each of us to focus on the wellbeing and the plight and needs of others. As a community, we bring the purpose of these events to life, to have true meaning, through our actions, care and genuine concern for others.”