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30 July 2020

Road safety reminder for senior students

As part of our Pastoral Care Program, South Australia Police (SAPOL) were invited to…

As part of our Pastoral Care Program, South Australia Police (SAPOL) were invited to speak with our year 12 boys about road safety. This is a vitally important topic for our senior students, given the disproportioned number of young men who make up road accident statistics.

The exceptional presentation was tailored to our boys and focused on the social factors involved in dangerous driving. Peer pressure can be a significant contributor to young people’s dangerous driving behaviours, so this session provided our students with practical tips about how to ‘call out your mate’ for unsafe driving.

It also explored the importance of not trying to be a ‘hero’ behind the wheel, thinking about the consequences of your actions, driving to your ability, being alert and aware on the road and making good choices before you get behind the wheel.

Frank Snelling, Blackfriars Prefect, says the presentation was confronting but also highly engaging.

“I think that these conversations – that can often feel uncomfortable and confronting – help not just young people, but everyone, remember the privilege and the seriousness of being behind the wheel. It reminds us that there is no excuse for dangerous driving, as people’s lives are at stake.”

Armon Houshmand, also a Prefect, says the presentation really brought home the responsibility all road users have in keeping themselves, their mates, and the community safe.

“The SAPOL presentation was a great opportunity to hear about the significant importance of road safety, and how we must acknowledge the incredible responsibility all road users must take into account when driving alone or with passengers. Many thanks to the officer who came and talked to our cohort; without a doubt, everyone in the room walked away more aware about road safety.”

Prefect Lucas Ryan agreed with his peers, saying that the presentation came at a particularly pertinent time as many year 12s are about to turn 18, and driving their own vehicles.

“The powerful stories of the risks young people take when they get into an inexperienced P-plate driver’s car definitely resonated with most young drivers in the room, and was especially potent to students who’ve bought their own car. Our speaker helped illustrate how having these conversations with your mates could keep these bad decisions from happening. I think the presentation was an eye-opening experience to the dangers and risks of being a new driver.”

Thank you to SAPOL for this excellent presentation.