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9 April 2020

Principal’s Easter message

Dear Students, Families and Staff of the Blackfriars Community Today I looked from my…

Dear Students, Families and Staff of the Blackfriars Community

Today I looked from my window. Normally, it would be lunch time for students’ on-campus, however during the life altering world of COVID-19 that has been thrust upon us all, students are at home on holidays and staff are finalising plans for on-line learning for Term 2.

And here we are now at Holy Thursday!

I believe we can all identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus by reflecting on the ups and downs of our own life. We all experience pain and rejection, challenges of work and study, difficult relationships and on the flip side, the joy of life, the beauty of nature and the treasure of our friends and family.

While our churches are all closed, we search for other ways to express our emotions and connect with our belief during Easter and so below I share with you the following link to the song, by: Guy Sebastian – “Before I Go

This song can be interpreted in so many ways – but the video clip presented was created by James Chappell with Guy Sebastian performing his song, “Before I Go” to create for his audience a graphical illustration of the emotional hurt, physical pain and rejection of bullying.  The positive sequence of imagery also provides the viewer with hope as the victim transforms and maintains the power of his motivation and determination to succeed, to rise above and beyond the restraints and limitations imposed by others.

As you watch the clip and listen to the lyrics, try and imagine the cruelty and persecution that Jesus suffered. Listen for the words and look for the images that speak to you of the torture Jesus endured because of His determination and commitment to fulfilling the promise he made to God and for the love of the people he walked with and served.

Before I Go – Guy Sebastian

Love always triumphs over cruelty and the crucifixion and rise of Jesus is the ultimate testimony of love and hope for the Universe.

Such times of endurance and rising through suffering are identified throughout the journey of time, in the Old and New Testaments and what is evident from the passages of the bible and the Gospels is that God IS, WAS and HAS always been  there, silently working with those who can provide the help and propose answers to life’s uncertainty.  The faithful will remember this and those who deny having any faith, rely on those with faith for the confidence and affirmation that, “this too shall pass” and what is wrong with the world, will again be right.

So as a Dominican Community of faith and trust in God, we carry for all, a great responsibility to provide the support, the confidence and belief in a new and better life to come.

As we close the books on Term 1 – or devices as the standard has quickly become, it is my hope that we can all now turn our attention to the final moments of the Lenten season.  That we now stop, breathe and prepare our way for the remembrance and reflection of Christ’s death and resurrection.  A time to search deeply within us for the true messages that the Easter pilgrimage of Jesus has to share with each of us at this time when we are in most need of hope.  Believe again in the Risen Lord, he is our saviour!

For most, it has been difficult to engage in, and maintain a dedicated focus on the purpose of Lent.  Our own fragility and the stark reminder of our earthly mortality has been all too real in past weeks.  Now is an opportune time to let go of our fears and worries and embrace the opportunity to stop, reflect and walk beside Jesus, as a confidant and friend.  Preparing as we will, for when we can all reunite and embrace each other again, as old and new friends, family and loved ones – and that is my Easter message to the Blackfriars Community – life will go on, and we will live in a joyous world again.  Hope and Trust in the Lord, your God! He is with us on the journey and especially through our most difficult times.

The Blackfriars Community will be in my heart and in my thoughts over this Easter and throughout the holiday period.  I pray that there is a vision of greater hope when we return for Term 2.

God bless and keep you all safe – #stayathome – over Easter and the holidays!

Simon Cobiac