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17 May 2022

Students have say on City of Prospect spending

A group of Blackfriars students has had its say on how Prospect Council should…

A group of Blackfriars students has had its say on how Prospect Council should spend ratepayers’ money over the next 12 months.

The eight Year 6 boys were part of a focus group – made up of 60 primary students from Blackfriars, Rosary, Nailsworth and Prospect schools – that last week contributed to the council’s public consultation on its 2022-23 Draft Annual Business Plan and Budget.

The students, led by the council’s Finance Manager, learnt about Australia’s three tiers of government, how councils work and how they make financial decisions.

Blackfriars Year 6 students at the City of Prospect’s schools’ budget consultation.

“Students then worked in their small groups to review the council budget, proposed capital projects and discussed what initiatives and projects they would fund,” City of Prospect Youth & Live Music Coordinator Mark Crabtree said.

“They then produced a balanced budget, reflecting community needs and wants, and presented to the group.”

The students’ feedback will be present to Prospect’s elected members as part of formal public consultation on the council’s 2022-23 budget.

While Prospect Council is considering a 3.5% rate rise in 2022-23, the Blackfriars students discussed the possibility of a bigger increase.

“We elected a Mayor and, in our group, decided what projects to fund and what to cut,” Year 6 student Matthew Macrae said.

“We also discussed if we needed to raise interest rates by 4%, so that we could fund more projects.

“The council said our feedback would be kept and be presented in June for the (elected members) to decide what projects they will actually fund.”

Prospect Council is proposing a residential rate rise of 3.5% in 2022-23 – adding $69 to the average rates bill.

Major investment projects include:

Community consultation on the budget is open until Wednesday 25 May. See

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