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6 October 2022

SEE THE VIDEO: Primary boys stick the boot (camp) into our Year 12s

What do you get when the Year 4s take a group of unsuspecting Year…

What do you get when the Year 4s take a group of unsuspecting Year 12s for boot camp?

We discovered the answer to that question late in Term 4, when Claire Holland’s Year 4 boys devised exercise routines as part of their studies into how to limit sedentary behaviour.

They were then invited to put Krystale Petruzzella’s Year 12 Integrated Learning – Religion students through their paces.

“The Year 4 class discussed different levels of physical activity and investigated the Australian Government Physical Activity and Exercise Guidelines,” Ms Holland said.

“They found interesting points about good quality sleep and why you should limit sedentary behaviour.

“Being more aware of good habits for a healthy life, the boys created an exercise routine that they could do on their own or with a buddy.”

They then tested their routines on the unsuspecting Year 12s.

Many of the Year 4s seemed to relish their new-found, boot camp instructor power – as evidenced by the video below – while the Year 12s were exhausted after the gruelling session.

Reflection, by Liam Wong (Year 4)

Too much screen time is harmful for you.

A lot of parents and teachers strongly believe that too much screen time is bad for you and I agree. I’m not saying you can’t watch TV, but too much can be harmful because too much screen time means less physical activity, other mental and physical problems and it can interfere with your sleeping pattens.

Firstly, too much screen time can cause physical and mental problems. For example, if you look down at a screen all the time it can be bad for your neck. Also, it will hurt your eyes and you will have to get glasses.

If you’re gaming, you could get addicted to the game then you could skip meals. Also, you won’t know how to interact with people because you could be used to talking to people online. Secondly, too much screen time means less physical activity.

For example, instead of doing a sport you could be using too much screen time. Even the government recommends that we should have at least one hour of exercise a day.

Finally, too much screen time can interfere with your sleeping pattens. For example, if you watch TV before bed, the lighting can interfere with your mind and make it harder for you to go to sleep and then you will be too tired to learn. You could be trying to stay awake the whole day and then you won’t learn anything.

In conclusion, too much screen time can be bad for you because it can cause physical problems, less physical activity and can interfere with your sleep pattens.