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2 July 2020

Primary Wellbeing Day fosters new friendships

To say Term 2 has been a bit unusual for our students would be…

To say Term 2 has been a bit unusual for our students would be a gross understatement! They have shown enormous adaptability, resilience, care and friendship to each other throughout the term, so to reward students for their amazing efforts, and to continue to foster these positive wellbeing traits the Primary school ran a full-day Wellbeing Day on Wednesday Week 10. The students were divided into eight groups (each consisting of students from R-6) and rotated through a range of activities designed to nurture cognitive, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.

The full list of activities included:

The students then spent a sunny lunchtime picnicking on the front lawns and playing together with friends new and old. To conclude, students gathered together in Frassati Hall for some positive reflection time and award ceremony.

Promoting wellbeing for all students is an important part of Blackfriars’ approach to all-boys education. Click here to find out more about our wellbeing and pastoral care programs.