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3 February 2021

Head of Primary Welcome to 2021

Dear Parents, Welcome to the 2021 school year. I trust your break was revitalising…

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2021 school year. I trust your break was revitalising and the upcoming terms are filled with fun, excitement and plenty of new learnings for the children. A special welcome is extended to our new families – we hope you feel part of our community already. We welcomed 40 new boys to our Primary School and it looks like they’ve settled extremely well. Staffing has been very stable, which helps with a smooth start for us all. Please see the list below for details.

We are still playing it safe and asking that you do not enter classrooms unless invited or for very specific purposes. Social distancing is encouraged and all times. Attendance at various events will be determined by the prevailing protocols and will be communicated to you. Please note that the Playground is still out of bounds after school for our children and siblings.

There have been a few developments in the Primary School over the break, including the resurfaced quad area which now has some faux turf and freshly painted handball courts. Hopefully this will be a much more user-friendly space for the boys – judging from day one they are loving it! There have been some repairs to our playground as well, with plans to revamp it totally in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned!

We also have new furniture in all the primary classrooms. Not only does this make the rooms look and feel much bigger, it means the spaces are conducive to varied teaching styles and learning opportunities. We hope this provides every teacher with even more flexibility to tailor learning experiences to suit the individual, something at which they are already very adept.

We hope the new stationery system has been well received. The process ran smoothly from our end, and should make life easier for everyone moving forward, but don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Staffing for the Primary School 2021 is as follows:

Class Teachers:

Reception – Kendall

Year 1 – Jess Macolino

Year 2 – Trent Allwood

Year 3 – Oliver Carroll

Year 4 – Claire Holland

Year 4/5 Beau Leonard

Year 5/6 – Henry Vo

Year 6 – John Niedzwiecki


PE Nick Cheary and Jess Macolino (Rec and Year 2 PE)

Leticia ANDRUSIAK (new) and Jennifer Dittmann – Japanese

Libby Hunter – Music

Jo West– Art, Year 1 and Assistant Head of Primary/Curriculum

Michelle McGinty – Literacy Co-ordinator/Leader of Learning

Jacquie McEvoy – Teacher/Librarian

Fr William – Chaplain

ESOs: Jez Bonig, Emma Askem, Diana Hatzipalousis and Maureen Zandona

PS: We have received wonderful news that Jo West is expecting her third child later this year. Congratulations from us all!

Dates to Remember

Wednesday 3 February: Parent Information Night – Primary Parents head straight to classrooms for a 7:00pm start (please note that there are QR Codes on the Frassati Hall wall and outside OSHC)

Tuesday 9 February: ELC Welcome Evening and BBQ

Wednesday 17 February: Ash Wednesday

Friday 5 March: Year 3 – Year 6 Swimming Carnival (No spectators at this stage)

Monday 8 March: Adelaide Cup Public Holiday

Friday 26 March: Sports Day ELC – Year 6

Tuesday 30 March: Parent/Teacher Learning Conversations (1pm Dismissal)

Friday 2 April: Good Friday

Monday 5 April: Easter Monday

Friday 9 April: Last day of Term 3:05 pm finish

Frank Ali

Head of Primary