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19 December 2022

Getting to know you: Meet Rosie Petrilli

Blackfriars is delighted to welcome a number of new staff members in 2023. We…

Blackfriars is delighted to welcome a number of new staff members in 2023. We look forward to getting to know them – and here’s a head start.

Name: Rosanna (Rosie) Petrilli.

What will you be teaching in 2023? In 2023, I will be teaching Year 3 and will be the Assistant Head of Primary School.

Where are you joining us from? I was teaching at St Martin De Porres in Year 5 in 2022 and, prior to that, I was at St Mary’s College for 21 years. At St Mary’s College, I taught from Reception-Year 11. I was also the Director of Sport (Reception-Year 12). I have also worked at many parish schools as a primary teacher.

What do you hope to bring to Blackfriars? A positive outlook – sense of fun! I hope to provide a meaningful, collaborative, inclusive, fun and engaging environment, whereby students develop their critical thinking skills and often take the lead in the teaching and learning environment. I am passionate about teaching and learning beyond the realms of the classroom. I hope to prepare the young people I teach for the world in which we live, instilling a sense of passion, curiosity and love of learning. I am a strong believer in “keeping it real”, fostering positive relationships with the students I teach and work with.

What’s the best thing about teaching? Having the privilege of working with so many incredible young people and watching students achieve and being so proud of themselves when they achieve success.

What’s your favourite song? Abba, Dancing Queen. It’s such a fun song that allows me to be in the moment, dance and sing along – nothing else matters when this song is on!

Your favourite movie(s)? Top Gun – I love the scenes with the jets. Flying in an air force jet is on my bucket list! Crazy Rich Asians – I love the humour in the movie. It’s a great, feel-good movie.

What would we typically find in your lunchbox? Fruit (either berries, bananas or an apple), carrots, cucumber or celery and a small dip and leftovers from the night before. There is also the occasional chocolate, as I LOVE chocolate.