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8 November 2021

Fathers, sons come together in Blackfriars tradition

STUDENT REPORT, by Wilson O’Neill The Year 6 Father and Son camp has been…

STUDENT REPORT, by Wilson O’Neill

The Year 6 Father and Son camp has been a tradition of the Year 6 Blackfriars students for over 20 years. The camp we went to this year was at El Shaddai, Wellington (near Tailem Bend).

The campsite had a gym, a giant swing, a flying fox, a dining hall, a performance hall, lawned areas and nice cabins.

When we arrived at El Shaddai, we were assigned our groups and put our stuff in the cabins. Then we went around to look at the boundaries of the camp.

We soon had dinner which was chicken and roast vegetables; it was very good! We then watched a movie, which was really good as well! We then went to our cabins and wound down in our beds.

The Year 6 boys at El Shaddai.

In the morning, Mr Vo took us on a jog in the morning down near the river which was not far from our campsite. I wanted to do the 5km run but I had breakfast duty, so I left earlier. Soon after that we had breakfast, which was toast and cereal.

After breakfast, all the dads came to the campgrounds to start a day of activities.

Our group started with kayaking. We then did rock climbing, then the giant swing, then archery. (The giant swing is when the instructor attaches you to a harness and the other members of your group pull a rope to make you go higher. When you are up to the height you want, you pull a rope, and you go for a huge swing back and forth. The initial drop at the start is quite scary. It was so much fun!)

After that we all had a liturgy led by Father William in which we reflected on our relationships and then we went home with our dads.

Overall, the camp was a lot of fun! I rate it a 9.9 out of 10.