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26 June 2020

Blackfriars Backyard Poultry scores Network Prospect grant

Mr Henry Green and his newly established Blackfriars Business Club have received a Network…

Mr Henry Green and his newly established Blackfriars Business Club have received a Network Prospect Innovation grant of $1000 to kickstart their first social enterprise.

The group will consist of a student committee of two students from each year level from 8-12, and its first order of business will be setting up Blackfriars Backyard Poultry.

Mr Henry Green with his Year 12 Business Innovation class, Sebastian from the Business Club and the first Blackfriars Backyard Poultry chicken trailer.

Blackfriars Backyard Poultry, at its core, will be about constructing and selling urban chook tractors (small portable chicken coops), as well as raising the chickens to go in them and selling those chickens and their eggs. The project will run through Term 3 and involve not just the Business Club, but also a number of classes across the secondary school.

‘Project-based learning gives students the potential to work in a more integrated way, using skills from across the curriculum to solve real-world problems,’ says Mr Green.

When asked how the project ties into the secondary curriculum, Mr Green responded, ‘How long is a piece of string?’

‘The Australian Curriculum has a cross-curriculum priority of sustainability, which is obviously very important for our boys, along with other capabilities like literacy and numeracy’ says Mr Green.

‘The project will also draw upon specific curriculum topics across Geography, Business Innovation, Mathematics and Design, Technology and Engineering, so there’s a huge potential for students to get involved.’

Mr Green accepted the grant on Thursday night at a special City of Prospect event held at the Nova Prospect Cinemas. Mr Green was accompanied by Mr Patrick Kelly, Blackfriars Director of Development and Community Relations.

‘Being an active part of the Prospect community is very important to all of us at Blackfriars, and we are very grateful for the support of City of Prospect on this initiative’ said Mr Kelly.

While Blackfriars Backyard Poultry is still in its infancy (both literally and figuratively), Mr Green hopes this small enterprise could grow significantly in future through partnerships with old scholars and local businesses.