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14 September 2020

Maths champs score top competition marks

Blackfriars is proud to share the excellent achievements of some of our maths students,…

Blackfriars is proud to share the excellent achievements of some of our maths students, who have recently participated in a range of state and national competitions. The timing couldn’t be better, either, with the results announcements coinciding with the completion of the Aquinas Centre, Blackfriars’ dedicated STEM Centre.

But without further ado, let’s get to the award winners…

The South Australian School Mathematics Competition

This is a state-wide competition. The aim of the competition is to encourage students to engage with the challenge of non-standard mathematical problems (ie, problems that may sit outside of the curriculum students are familiar with). Special recognition for this competition goes to the following four students, who are also pictured in the header image for this article:

Primary Division

High Distinction: Luca Emmerson, Year 6

Credit: Minh Lam, Year 6

Junior Division

Distinction: Hugh Caton, Year 7

Intermediate Division

Angelo Dela Cruz, Year 9 – achieved equal eighth place in the Intermediate division.

Australian Mathematics Competition

This is a nationwide competition. The aim of the competition is to develop students’ depth of understanding of the Australian Curriculum.

First of all, congratulations to Hugh Caton (Year 7) and Angelo Dela Cruz (Year 9) who were awarded prizes for achieving the equal highest score in the school.

The following students also achieved exceptional results:

Year 3

Distinction: Athanasios Stavliotis, Lincoln Huynh
Credit: Ben Jacobs

Year 4

Distinction: Hung Bui
Credit: Samuel Pedlar, Jonathan Kieu, Keyan Ashna, Manav Agheda, Andew Nghiem, Charlie Roissetter

Year 5

Distinction: Mark Tsavdaridis
Credit: Panteli Vasilopoulos, Ashton Zeuner, Benjamin Stargatt, Riaan Singla, Anay Vishal

Year 6

High Distinction: Luca Emmerson
Distinction: Minh Lam, Luca D’Orazio, Liam Le, Minh-Chuong Tran
Credit: Antonio Barone, Kevin Le, Nathan Bishop, Antony Barresi

Year 7

High Distinction: Eli Scharfbillig
Distinction: Aaron Nguyen, Andrew Bui, Maximum Roque, Luke Tsavdaridis, Harry Nguyen, Harrison Zeuner
Credit: Riley Hutt, Benjamin Zeuner, Hamish Skene

Year 8

Distinction: Matthew Jones, Brandon Huynh, Tony Lam, Christian Luppino, Daniel Mazzarolo, Brian Vien
Credit: Anton Luc, Dominic Canil, Jayden Dang, Cory Ly

Year 9

High Distinction: Joon Kwon
Distinction: Winston Nguyen, Harry Boyd-Turner, Kevin Dang, Noah Snigg
Credit: Jonah De Vizio, Nathan Sewart, Minh Tran, Hiep Dinh, Jonathan Hoang, Andy Ngu

Year 10

Credit: Hy Buu, Presley Prach, Nicholas Cacayorin, Alan Banh, Lachlan Pederson

Year 11

Distinction: Yemo Koo, Lewis Saint
Credit: Nhat Nguyen, George Sherlock, Phong Nguyen, Adrian Carino

Year 12

Distinction: Frank Snelling
Credit: Victim Lim, Julian Cornish

These results are on top of the exceptional scores achieved by our boys in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition back in semester one. Blackfriars is thrilled to have so many students highly engaged in their mathematics study, and we look forward to continuing to grow and challenge them in our exciting new tailor-made STEM facilities.