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9 March 2021

Getting to know our House Captains: Elexander Day, Horten

Hello, my name is Elex Day and I am the House Captain of Horten…

Hello, my name is Elex Day and I am the House Captain of Horten for the 2021 school year. As House Captain, I aspire to be someone that can impact others in the school, by forging connections between students both within the House and broader school community. Using this my overarching vision, my goal would be to have as many students as possible across all year levels engaging with one another through competitions, games, and community events.

For the past five years I have been very active in co-curricular involvement, specifically within the First XVIII football team. During my time being part of school teams and groups, I have had the opportunity to learn from and experience many different types of leaders and leadership styles. Through this I believe I have been able to develop and shape my own leadership style by incorporating different qualities from each that resonate with my own personality and experiences. Hopefully, by using this I will be able to help navigate the Horten House throughout this school year and create a memorable one, with positive initiatives that last in the minds of students throughout 2021 and beyond.