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12 March 2021

Getting to know our House Captains: Brandon Truong, Jarrett

Hello, I am Brandon Truong, and I am the Jarrett House Captain for 2021….

Hello, I am Brandon Truong, and I am the Jarrett House Captain for 2021.

In my opinion, leadership is diverse, there is no one size fits all solution. However, to define a leader: a leader is someone who positively influences others to do more, to be better people and to become leaders themselves. A leader positions others to face the right direction in life, build an innovative vision and do more for the common good of all. Leaders present a sense of care for all; they are knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy not only to those above them but to all. Good leaders always see room for improvement, they strive to achieve their goals and stand firm by what they believe is correct. Leaders embrace a greater sense of community and service and reflect God’s love for all.

This is who I aspire to be.

All the four pillars of Blackfriars have an equal weighting in the faith life of Blackfriars, however a focus area in 2021 for me is the Pillar of Community. As a student, I have experienced that this pillar is most important in my everyday life which is why I am passionate about continuing to work on it in 2021. Community unites us, it presents to us that we are part of a collective, part of something greater than ourselves. Being in a community allows greater opportunities for social interaction, achievement of goals and maintenance of our mental health, three components which I see as crucial towards great success in life.

As such, I am looking forward to developing more relationships between boys within the House this year, through continuing the traditional termly house lunches and morning/lunchtime activities (soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, etc), but also exploring other activities such as house breakfasts.

What makes Jarrett and Denifle unique is our warming sense of community, and the participation of the boys in our annual athletics and swimming carnivals as both timekeepers and/or competitors. After one of the most unforeseen years in 2020, we saw that the student body within Jarrett and Denifle Houses is strong, and represents everything that makes us unique. Compassion, kindness – and, just as importantly, grit and determination. We don’t let our heads hang; we overcome the bad and continue to push forward, to whatever we want to achieve in life.

It is this fighting spirit I want all the boys to find in themselves. Whether it be in music, academics, or sport: push that little bit harder, and find that true potential.