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29 March 2021

Getting to know our House Captains: Antony Le, Lagrange

I applied for the role of House Captain in order to support and be…

I applied for the role of House Captain in order to support and be there for the younger kids in my House. Additionally, becoming a house captain enables me to build confidence through having to interact and communicate with teachers and students more, and setting up House events and lunch activities such as the volleyball tournament currently happening.

One quality in particular that both de Vitoria and Lagrange have is perseverance. Although we’ve had a long losing streak, we still manage to keep pushing no matter what. We never give up, no matter the circumstances. For example at athletics carnival, although it was clear we would come last everyone still tried their best and put all their effort into the races and events.

Antony pictured at right, with Head of House Owen Stanborough and Deputy House Captain William Wright.

I’m looking forward to having some lunches and breakfasts together as a House, which encourages myself and other students to interact and enjoy each other’s company. But we can’t forget about the House sporting competitions, of course. These events create a sense of healthy competition and encourage students to participate and have fun.

Being a Blackfriars student to me means you’re representing all four pillars of Prayer, Community, Service and Study. It doesn’t matter the context or environment you’re in because you’re always going to be setting examples and representing our school.

I hope I’m able to set a good enough example for the young ones so they can follow my footsteps and continue the strong legacy that already exists in our House. I want to be able to be an option that these students can come to for help or support. Becoming friends and helping build bonds between students is extremely important as it enables them to open up a bit more about issues they’re having at school and build an extra support network. Before leaving my duties as a House Captain, I want to inspire young kids to help each other out and create a sense of belonging throughout Blackfriars.