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15 March 2021

Getting to know our House Captains: An Nguyen, Denifle

Inspired by previous leaders, the House Captain position emanated a feeling of aspiration within…

Inspired by previous leaders, the House Captain position emanated a feeling of aspiration within me. Over the past years, I’ve always wanted to become a role model, someone students could look up to and approach. I will always admire and appreciate leaders before me as they have all shown me the steps to becoming a great leader. They explained to me their journey and generously shared their experiences with me. Ever since I started at Blackfriars Priory School in 2015, leaders around the school have made me feel welcomed and I want to pass on that sense of belonging and comfortability to other boys.

As a Catholic member of Blackfriars, I respect everyone, manifesting support and care for other people. I aim to demonstrate the kindness shown to me when I was once in the position of my junior counterparts – the comfort and fun experienced with boys in the older years are great memories. At Blackfriars the pillar of Community is a very important element to me, as I share a strong bond with our community. To reach out and give a helping hand to our communities in need, such as donating to St Vincent De Paul and giving a helping hand with sausage sizzle etc, is of utmost importance to me. Prayer, Study, Community and Service are elements which Christ followed and as a member of Blackfriars I seek to follow these Four Pillars of Dominican Life.

Over recent years, Denifle has shown a great sense of perseverance and participation, which has been demonstrated through swimming and athletic carnival. When talking to the younger year levels, their passion towards academic studies and involvement within the House was likewise overwhelming to hear.

This year, all House Captains have gathered to plan a range of different events spanning the whole year. Each term there will be a different inter-House sport competition run by the House Captains for student to get involved in. This also allows them to work together and connect with each other across year levels, in an entertaining way and with a dose of healthy competition. In 2021, my focus for Denifle in particular is to continue to connect with each other and build strong relationships. I am also hoping to hear what the other students have to offer with their opinions on any new suggestions for House activities.

An pictured at left, with Head of House Anthea Osborne an Deputy House Captain Lachlan Pederson.

Before my captaincy ends, I want to be known as a role model, and someone who has left a strong foundation for future House Captains to build upon.

I want to let Denifle/ Jarrett students know that anything is possible, as I once thought that a leading position was terrifying but have been buoyed by the support of my peers.

I want them to know that no one experience defines a person’s capability to lead, and we are all capable of doing better each and every day. As Mrs Osborne once said, “One bad incident doesn’t define who you really are.” It’s how you deal with it, and the steps you take every day, that help you learn and grow.