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25 August 2020

Future enrolments and wellbeing ‘check-in’

Dear Blackfriars families As we reach the mid-point of Term 3 I wish to…

Dear Blackfriars families

As we reach the mid-point of Term 3 I wish to remind you about some important timelines regarding enrolments here at Blackfriars. These reminders are for families with boys looking to commence in 2022 and those who might be considering alternative enrolment arrangements in 2021.

I also take this opportunity of informing you about an important ‘wellbeing’ tool that Catholic Education SA is providing to schools next week. Please refer to the conclusion of this correspondence for more information.

2022 Student Commencements

Our team is currently processing enrolment applications for all year levels to commence at Blackfriars in 2022.

In what is an exciting development for Blackfriars, current demand for enrolment indicates that available placements in Reception, Year 7 and Year 8 will be limited from 2022 and beyond.  Therefore, if you already have a son attending Blackfriars and intend to enrol his brother(s) for a future commencement, I encourage you to contact Blackfriars Registrar, Linda Gavranic, as soon as possible to begin the enrolment process and avoid disappointment. 

If you are aware of other family and friends considering Blackfriars for their son(s) in the coming years, I encourage you to share this information with them also.

Blackfriars Enrolment

It is my sincere hope that Blackfriars is the school of choice for boys and their families and will remain the school of choice unless families move interstate or to a distant suburb where transport to Blackfriars becomes difficult. However, if for any reason you are considering a move of school for your son in 2021, I encourage you to contact me to confidentially discuss your situation and circumstances that are influencing your decision. Alternatively, contact can also be made with Mr Frank Ali, Head of Primary or Mr David Ruggiero, Deputy Principal (Secondary).

Contact details for meeting with Mr Simon Cobiac
Executive Assistant: Mary Surman (8169 3903 or [email protected])

Contact details for meeting with Mr Frank Ali or Mr David Ruggiero
Acting Personal Assistant: Loana Liew (8169 3965 or [email protected])

Withdrawing a Student from Blackfriars and Your Contractual Obligations

Please be reminded of the Enrolment Contract you have signed and the clause within the agreement that states “when a student is to be withdrawn from Blackfriars, the enrolling parent(s)/carer(s) MUST provide a minimum of one term’s notice in writing addressed to the Principal.”

If a student is withdrawn prior to the required one term’s notice, or without the Principal’s pre‑approved exemption, a Late Notice Fee equivalent to one school term’s fee will be charged.

The reason for the notice period is that Blackfriars, like any school, establishes class sizes, subject choices and electives based on the information received from parents during Semester 2 of the previous year. The major cost to our annual budget is the employment of staff which we systematically align to student numbers and classes as calculated following subject selection for the following year. Hence, late decisions by families to leave our school becomes a serious financial problem for Blackfriars as our forecast budget costs are locked in for the year in advance.

Wellbeing Initiative – Classroom Pulse ‘Check In’

The shifting dynamics of these challenging times continue to highlight that your son’s relationships, identity, belonging, and learning are essential to their happiness and success at school.

This term every student in a Catholic School in South Australia will participate in a simple online Classroom Pulse Check In. This Check In has been developed to find out how students are currently feeling about their experience in school.

The survey at Blackfriars is tailored to allow your son’s teacher(s) to check in and provide immediate feedback and support to them. The Check In will be carried out during the week of August 24-28.

I am conscious that life in school has its’ ups and downs, but I am also confident that your son’s teachers want to understand how they are feeling so they are able to support you and your son in meeting their social, emotional, and learning needs. To enable this, your son’s teachers and I will have access to their responses to facilitate follow up and support as required. Please be assured, as your son’s prime caregiver that any support required will be communicated and discussed with you in advance.

Simon Cobiac