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16 March 2020

All families: latest COVID-19 information

Until further notice and advice, we are open to all students who have not…

Until further notice and advice, we are open to all students who have not recently travelled overseas, who are not experiencing cold or flu symptoms and who have not been in contact with anyone in these categories.

Our current approach is informed by directives from both Federal and State Governments, as well as Catholic Education SA.

Current school precautions

Blackfriars is taking the following measures to comply with current directives from relevant authorities:

If your child is unwell – or if you are unwell

If there is a confirmed case at Blackfriars

If we are advised by authorities of a confirmed case of COVID-19, or of the necessity for a forced closure, then the school will be required to close allowing for a bio clean of the campus.

Our process in the case of school closure will be as follows:

During school closure it is imperative that students remain at home and continue to practise social distancing and personal hygiene procedures.

Continuity of Learning

Blackfriars will continue to focus on our core business of classroom-based learning and teaching, with online accessibility to ensure equitable and quality learning for all students.

Our Learning Management System (including SEQTA and Microsoft Teams) is well-equipped for remote access and is being regularly reviewed and updated by our ICT team.

Services available

The National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

The Australian Government also publishes a daily alert with latest medical advice and official reports.

If you or your child is experiencing anxiety or other mental health challenges regarding the coronavirus, Beyond Blue has set up a dedicated guide for this purpose.

As usual, our school psychologist and counsellor will be available to support students.

School contacts

If you have any questions, or are directly affected by COVID-19, please contact:

As always, Blackfriars staff are here to support your children and families.

Please stay informed with updates via SEQTA, the school website and our social media channels.