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14 August 2020

Traditional school rivals sign Intercol Code of Conduct

Student leaders and senior team captains from Blackfriars and traditional co-curricular rival, Christian Brothers…

Student leaders and senior team captains from Blackfriars and traditional co-curricular rival, Christian Brothers College (CBC), gathered together this week to sign a special Code of Conduct for the upcoming intercollegiate competition affectionately known as Intercol.

The Intercol Code of Conduct was established in 2019 in order to provide clear guidelines and expectations of competing players, staff and spectators alike, as they engage in the annual carnival involving six co-curricular sports and activities. The code outlines standards for conduct towards not only opposition team members, but also the facilities being used to host the matches, and within the broader community before and after competition.

To remind students of the importance of this code, CBC students and staff travelled to Blackfriars (this year’s Intercol hosts) for a formal signing and light lunch to get to know each other. Not only will students’ signatures on the Code of Conduct be displayed in the Intercol program this year, they will be displayed on signage at the entrance to every venue as a reminder for all participants.

Blackfriars Principal, Simon Cobiac, said the success of the event relied not only on each school bringing their best efforts on the field, but also on the positive sportsmanship of all involved. He also spoke on the fact that both Blackfriars’ Dominican tradition and CBC’s Edmund Rice tradition emphasise the importance of respect and care existing within healthy competition, and as such all students would be expected to uphold these values as representatives of their schools and of Catholic education during Intercol.

The Intercol program will be released in late August, with strict protocols in place for spectators wishing to attend due to current COVID-19 restrictions. The schools will compete in football, soccer, basketball, table tennis, debating and chess, each with its own trophy up for grabs by the winning team. The overall Intercol cup is currently held by CBC, which retained the title it claimed in 2018 following a 3-3 tie in last year’s competition.