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24 June 2020

Principal’s Update: staffing and construction

Dear parents and caregivers, I write to you as we near the end of…

Dear parents and caregivers,

I write to you as we near the end of Term 2, to update you on a few changes to our staffing arrangements as well as to provide news about construction progress on the new Aquinas Centre building.

Staffing changes

Canteen Manager

Frances Markota has retired from her role as Canteen Manager, effective Friday, 10 July 2020.

Frances has given dedicated service to Blackfriars over 29 years and on behalf of students, staff and parents I wish to thank Frances for her generosity, inclusiveness and compassion.

The canteen is central to the life of Blackfriars and we all know how much boys eat and how much they love their food. The boys at Blackfriars have been very fortunate to have Frances managing the canteen with her friendly, accepting nature and her sense of humour and virtues, essential for working well with boys. The boys have known that they have a second home in the canteen and a welcome, positive relationship with Frances and the canteen staff.

We congratulate Frances on a wonderful career at Blackfriars. We hope she has many years to enjoy her retirement and to spend time with her family and friends.

Interim Appointment

Veronica Harkins, currently Acting Canteen Manager will continue the fine tradition of service to our School community established by Frances during her tenure.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lucinda Clifford, Clinical Psychologist, has resigned from Blackfriars effective Friday, 19 June after 7 years of dedicated, professional service and leadership to our community.  Her knowledge, understanding and compassionate management of a broad spectrum of wellbeing matters has been invaluable to our students, families and staff. We wish Lucinda a smooth transition as she re-joins her colleagues in private practice.

Interim Support

Dianne Bucciarelli (School Counsellor) has been temporarily appointed to full-time until the position of Clinical Psychologist is filled. I am very grateful that Dianne has agreed to the extra hours and with her assistance we are able to maintain the high standard of wellbeing support to the students and families of our community.

Aquinas Centre

I am excited to share the following good news with our school community. The Aquinas Centre is six weeks ahead of schedule and all being well, students and staff will move into our new facilities towards the end of Term 3, 2020. I am especially excited for our Year 12 students who having experienced a somewhat disjointed year will now lay claim to being the first senior class in the Aquinas Centre.

In conclusion, I wish all students and their families and staff a safe holiday and a restful break during the chill of the winter season.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Cobiac