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24 September 2020

Principal’s message: end of Term 3

We have made it to the end of Term 3 and I am sure…

We have made it to the end of Term 3 and I am sure that many feel as I do – somewhat spent!  I hope the holidays provide our staff, students and families with some well-earned down-time for self, friends and family and an opportunity to prepare for the final school term which I am sure, as it always is, will be an absolute ‘block buster’ especially for our graduating class of Year 12s coming to the end of their Dominican journey of education at Blackfriars.

Intercol 2020

Our annual clash of wills and talent with CBC all happened last week, an exciting week of competition that concluded on Saturday with Primary, Middle School and Open soccer and football.  Intercol is an opportunity for boys of each school to vie for bragging rights and the ownership of the ultimate Intercol Shield, but conducted and played in a sportsman like manner that honours the signed and agreed Code of Conduct.  This year, its importance was heightened by the opportunity for our boys to dust off some COVID-19 blues and feel the energy and invigoration of a somewhat normal school life!

Intercol literally kicked-off last Tuesday with the XI Soccer, although we did not win, I stood among our crowd of supporters with pride for our team and their exemplary behaviour of good sportsmanship.  The XVIII Football team left nothing in the tank and played with passion and determination, finishing with a significant win.   Debating and Chess saw Blacks take a lead in the intellectual pursuits and a 3-2 lead in the overall tally. Despite a spirited and determined effort by our Senior Basketball Team we were unable to break the final 3-3 results meaning that under the existing rules the Intercol is shared, but CBC retain the Trophy. For the size of our School however, being approximately 200 less students than CBC, our boys performed admirably and represented Blackfriars in the manner and code we expect of our students. 

Thank you to Miss Matilda Comley (Co-curricular Coordinator) and all who coached, managed and coordinated these events.  Thanks also for the great support from the Development Office and our Grounds staff for setting up the venues and ensuring our school was presented in excellent condition. Thanks also to the many parents and caregivers who supported the school teams throughout the Intercol week.

COVID-19 Update

As we come to the end of Term 3 I wish to thank all members of our school community for your collaboration in ensuring the safety and well-being of our students, staff and the broader community by complying with the Blackfriars COVID-19 Management Plan.

As always, I cannot stress enough – the importance of remaining mindful of the presence of COVID and how we manage our presence in the School community for the benefit of self and others!

St Dominic’s Day Celebration

Last Friday we unleashed the Blackfriars hounds!  It was so heartening to see the students enjoy the festivities of our St Dominic’s Day celebration.  An important School event that was almost lost to the climate of a world in the grip of a pandemic.  While older students were more inclined to celebrate the life and foundation of our School in a more relaxed mode, our young pups reminded us of what it is to ‘live in the moment’, taking every opportunity to be with friends, to run, laugh and play. 

It was a great day of celebration with thanks to Mr Matthew Crisanti and Heads of House for coordinating and organising the day and for all staff who contributed and helped it all to happen.  Also, thank you Fr William Loh and Fr Kevin Saunders for celebrating the Eucharist for us, a most appropriate start to the day.

Annual Music Concert

Last Wednesday was the ‘one time only ‘online release of our Annual Music Concert that was produced via a pre-recorded video under the command of Lucy Pope.

I have received a lot of positive feedback from staff, students and the broader community, expressing how delightful and entertaining the music production was.  I believe that close to 200 linked into the online release of the video, including interstate and overseas viewers.  If you missed the concert, I understand that Miss Lucy Pope and the Music Department will be producing copies of the video for purchase.

Congratulations to Miss Lucy Pope, Mrs Libby Hunter, the students, tutors and all staff involved in the production of this wonderful performance brought to us in a unique and COVID friendly format, proving that apart we can still be together!

Student Exits

I earnestly remind parents/caregivers that should you be considering an alternative school for your son in 2021, that you please contact myself, Frank Ali (Head of Primary) or David Ruggiero (Deputy Principal, Secondary) for a confidential discussion prior to any final decision.  Blackfriars’ promise to its Community is to provide the best contemporary and progressive education for your son and all boys. 

The notification period for the withdrawal of student enrolment from Blackfriars is a minimum of one school term, failure to provide the required notification period will incur a ‘late fee’ invoice equivalent to one school term’s fee.

Finally, thank you…

I wish to thank all staff of Blackfriars for doing what they do to support, teach and care for our students.  Students are at the heart of all we do, they are the pulse that pumps life into our community but, without a strong community of teaching and auxiliary staff to steer and guide them in addition to the unconditional love from parents and caregivers, their compass may not stay true. 

I hope that everyone stays safe over the school holidays and I look forward to a grand finish in Term 4.

God bless.

Simon Cobiac