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19 August 2020

Co-curricular update: Term 3 Weeks 3 & 4

Round 3 of Co-Curricular was a very busy one, with games spilling over into…

Round 3 of Co-Curricular was a very busy one, with games spilling over into Week 4. Blackfriars is very proud of all the students and the effort and passion they continually show. With only a few short weeks left until Intercol, everyone is training and getting into peak performance. Our boys are showing improvements in their game play across the field, court and board.

Week 3 Hound of the Week:

This week’s Hound of the Week is actually our whole Year 6/7 Football team. The boys showed heart in the face of adversity and pushed through a gruelling game. I cannot be prouder of this team and how they carry themselves when the going gets tough.

Week 3 Game of the Week:

Game of the Week for Week 3 is our First XVIII, winning 10.21 (81) – 6.3 (39) over CBC. The boys showed skill and dominated the whole game; it was a well-deserved win!

Week 3 Results:

Week 4 Hound of the Week:

For Week 4’s Hound of Week, it was tough, but I have to give it to Michael Katianos. He has shown his ability to play two sports, Table Tennis and Soccer and provided a solid force to be reckoned with.

Week 4 Game of the Week:

This week saw the return of Chess competition! The boys smashed both CBC and Walford to get our first win on the board.

Week 4 Results:

Matilda Comley
Co-Curricular Administrator