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1 December 2022

Co-curricular results: Term 4, weeks 4, 5, & 6

That’s it, it’s all done! Congratulations to all students, staff and parents for the…

That’s it, it’s all done! Congratulations to all students, staff and parents for the year that was 2022.

Co-curricular has now wrapped up, apart from Intercol cricket, which will happen in Week 8, Monday-Wednesday.

Thank you, all, for your tremendous efforts throughout the year. I am grateful for all the opportunities, memories and knowledge gained this year from all of the community at Blackfriars. Time for the final three wrap ups!

Week 4Game of the Week

For Week 4, our Middle B2 badminton team took out an impressive 11-1 win over Glenunga International High School. Well done, boys!

Hound of the Week

For Week 4, it is another staff member taking out the title of Hound of the Week.

Mr Capurso is a maths extraordinaire, but he also contributes almost every weekend to co-curricular.

Every sport under the sun – or rain – and Mr Capurso is there!  Thank you for your dedication.

Week 5Game of the Week

As most outdoor sport games were washed out during Week 5, I had to look indoors.

It was none other than our Senior A1 volleyball, who took it as their time to shine. The boys ground out their first win over the season, getting up 2-1 over Immanuel College.

Hound of the Week

Our Hound of the Week, could be classified as a pup. Jack Galkowski plays water polo for our Middle C and is consistently performing and always attends trainings and games. Well done, Jack!

Week 6Game of the Week

Without a doubt, the last week of co-curricular, our last game of the week, has to go to the team which has only dropped one set this whole term.

Our Middle A volleyball boys, always impressing and improving. I cannot wait for 2023 – bring on Schools Cup!

Hound of the Week

This Hound loves to have a laugh, but I know that he works hard in his schooling and his co-curricular. Well done to Lucas Semcesen for being the last Hound of the Week of 2022!

Matilda Comley, Co-Curricular Administrator