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25 February 2021

Class of 2020 Laureate Assembly

The Dominican Pillar of Community was an overarching theme at this year’s Laureate Assembly,…

The Dominican Pillar of Community was an overarching theme at this year’s Laureate Assembly, touched on by Principal Simon Cobiac, 2021 student leaders and also the outgoing Class of 2020. The Laureate Assembly celebrates those students who received subject merit awards in their SACE from the preceding school year, as well as those who achieved ATARs of over 90. The full summary of Blackfriars’ 2020 SACE results is available here. A number of scholarships and awards for the new school year are also presented at this event.

This year, the Blackfriars community took in speeches from 2020 Dux Cornas Ling, who spoke not only of the hard work and resilience that was required to succeed in Year 12, but also of the special people in his life who made his outstanding ATAR of 99.9 possible.

“…to the incredible teachers here at Blackfriars, it still amazes me to this day on how you deal with such clowns…I mean students, while being generous and supportive of us throughout our Year 12 journey,” said Cornas.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and teachers for their tremendous effort and care they had provided for us students, especially in 2020. It is because of your support we are able to prosper and grow into wonderful young men.”

Ali Mohammadi, Jordan of Saxony Award winner for 2020, also spoke of the support he received at Blackfriars and how this helped him find a sense of belonging in Australia.

“My achievement of this award is a testament to a great school. It shows how the support and nurturing of a community can help the smallest, most insignificant kid strive for excellence. When I was young, all I dreamed of was not to be a victim of racial vilification. I assumed that I would be paid a scant wage farming food for a country that would not accept me,” he said.

“…I leave Blackfriars knowing that I have a place of belonging – that I owe much of who I am to the Pillars and to those that live by them,” said Ali.

2021 Head Prefect, Lewis Saint, picked up on this theme of belonging and support, as he announced the Prefect group’s focus for this year to be strengthening and growing the Pillar of Community within the school.

With role models and friends like those in the Class of 2020, we’re sure our 2021 leadership group will be inspired to fulfil this promise and stay connected to their school for years to come.