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27 May 2020

Change to Week 10 / Term 2

Please note that attendance arrangements for students have changed for Week 10 / Term…

Please note that attendance arrangements for students have changed for Week 10 / Term 2 (Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July).

This information is available to download below in English, Vietnamese and Persian.

Dear Parents and Caregivers

The 2020 school calendar scheduled Week 10 as the first week of a three-week holiday break for students that aligned with a Professional Learning Week for staff.

New Arrangements for Term 2 / Week 10

The reasons for the change

There are several reasons for the change to the calendar largely due to COVID-19.

  1. Four learning and teaching days were cancelled at the end of Term 1 when students went to an early holiday in South Australian schools. Hence, the four days of school in Term 2 / Week 10 replace the days that were lost to learning at the end of Term 1.
  2. It is quite likely that the continuity of learning for many students was disrupted during the early stages of COVID-19 when students were at home or undertook online learning either at home or school. This disruption may have occurred despite the outstanding commitment of teachers and education support officers during this time and the wonderful efforts of parents/caregivers to support students who were learning at home.
  3. It is particularly important for our senior boys who are engaging in Years 11 and 12 SACE studies to make up contact time with teachers and to consolidate learning before the end of Term 2. The extra four days of contact will give students and teachers additional time to reflect on and learn from the Year 11 SACE Stage 1 Examinations (Week 8) and additional lessons, to lay a solid foundation for Semester 2 topics that commence in Term 2 / Week 9.
  4. The four days of learning are also important for our Primary School students, especially in the early primary years, where the direct input of teachers has such a positive impact on students’ literacy and numeracy development. This is also true for students who have additional needs in Primary and Secondary Schools and for whom the online learning experience was particularly difficult and demanding without the normal structured support for learning and wellbeing from teachers and education support officers.
  5. The original plan published in the calendar was for Term 2 / Week 10 to be scheduled for Professional Learning for school staff. However, with the necessary restrictions imposed by authorities due to the COVID-19 crisis and uncertainty related to the easing of restrictions has made planning for Professional Development of staff difficult and fraught with risk.

What to do if you have planned a family holiday for the week

I fully understand that some parents and caregivers may have committed holiday plans for the period Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July, and will not wish to, nor be able to re-schedule their plans to accommodate the change to school attendance arrangements for Term 2 / Week 10. 

In such circumstances, please forward an email to [email protected]

In conclusion, I hope that the four additional learning days in Term 2 / Week 10 will assist with mitigating as much as reasonably possible, the interruptions to student learning that occurred over these past months of COVID-19.  I thank all parents and caregivers for working collaboratively with us especially during the period of COVID-19. I anticipate a gradual easing of restrictions by the South Australian Government based on health advice over the coming weeks and months that will see a steady return to camps and excursions, co-curricular activities and school gatherings including school masses and assemblies. I will endeavour to keep you fully informed of significant changes as they occur.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Cobiac