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1 February 2021

Blackfriars families score early Aquinas preview

The Blackfriars community has been exceptionally supportive of the building of our new state-of-the-art…

The Blackfriars community has been exceptionally supportive of the building of our new state-of-the-art Aquinas Centre building, so it was only fair that they get a preview glimpse at the building before its official opening.

Held on the Feast Day of the building’s namesake, St Thomas Aquinas, the community open evening was an opportunity for current Blackfriars families and old scholars to road-test the building’s impressive tech, catch up with old friends and hear about the future of the school’s teaching and learning plans. Our primary students in particular were thrilled to be able to explore the Aquinas Centre, as it is usually reserved for senior STEM students. If this evening was anything to go by, the building will be bursting at the seams with eager science, maths and technology students in the years to come.

We were particularly fortunate to host three old scholars from the Class of 2020, Harrison Catley, Gianni Macolino and Jory Dunn, who provided a funky jazz soundtrack to the evening.

Guests were each provided with a commemorative booklet of images of the building, which came to life on their phone thanks to augmented reality technology. They could also collect a card providing information on the significant Indigenous artwork housed in the building, created for Blackfriars by Alan Sumner. Alan’s work is an interpretation of the Dominican charism and its Four Pillars (Prayer, Study, Community and Service), through the lens of the Kaurna people, on whose land the school is built.

Blackfriars thanks all members of the community who attended our Open Evening, as well as all the talented artists, designers, builders and craftspeople whose work has ensured the Aquinas Centre is of the highest standard for our current and future students and staff.