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17 February 2021

Blackfriars 51st Swimming Carnival Results

On Friday 12 February, Blackfriars held its 51st annual swimming carnival at the Adelaide…

On Friday 12 February, Blackfriars held its 51st annual swimming carnival at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. It was a fun day out for staff and students alike, with plenty of successes across both swimming and water polo – and of course the novelty continuous relay.

It was a hard-fought battle for first place, with the lead changing multiple times during the day. In fact, the final result came down to a margin of only four points (and only 30 points between first and third place), but ultimately Denifle/Jarrett edged out the competition to claim victory. It was great to see students get into the spirit of the event, cheering each other on and supporting their Houses.

As is tradition, the swimming carnival trophy was presented to the winning Denifle and Jarrett House Captains by an old scholar. This year that privilege was given to Gary Mavrinac. Gary was an accomplished water polo player during his time at Blackfriars, and has continued his association with the sport ever since. He represented South Australia as a goalkeeper, as well as holding key positions on the board of Water Polo SA. In fact, he’s still playing in goals for the Adelaide Vikings Water Polo Club, in a team with a number of other Blackfriars old scholars. Gary’s return to his school’s swimming carnival came almost 40 years to the day after he accepted the winners’ cup as House Captain for Spence – for the first time. Gary also led Spence to victory in 1982 and 1983!

Now, down to the results. We’ll be announcing age champions at an upcoming assembly, so we won’t give too much away! But here are some of the key results as a sneak peek…

Overall results

1st place: Denifle/Jarrett (863 points)
2nd place: Burke/Lacordaire (859 points)
3rd place: Horten/Aquinas (833 points)
4th place: de Vitoria/Lagrange (736 points)

Records broken:

U14 butterfly
Previous record: 32.46 (K Jacobson 2009)
New record: 31.28 (H Caton – Burke)
Also broken by M Brown (Denifle) with a swim of 32.4

U14 freestyle
Previous record: 28.28 (N Caton 2018)
New record: 25.95 (H Caton – Burke)

Open freestyle
Previous record: 25.63 (C Grooby, 2012, Aquinas)
New record: 24.75 (N Caton, Burke)

U14 relay
Previous record: 2.20.82 (Aquinas 2020)
New record: 2.20.50 (Denifle)

Other event results:


50m Freestyle
1. N Caton (24.75) *new record
2. J Slaven: (28.02)
3. D Hillman: (28.47)

50m Backstroke
1. N Caton (32.64)
2. J Slaven (33.3)
3. D Hillman (38.87)


50m Freestyle
1. B Taylor (28.42)
2. N Pamula (30.11)
3. N Sewart (33.38)

50m Backstroke
1. B Taylor (36.05)
2. N Pamula (37.37)
3. W Pinyon (40.56)


50m Freestyle
1. B Vien (29.18)
2. B Baker (30.5)
3. M Ward (30.77)

50m Backstroke
1. M Sullivan (34.21)
2. B Vien (35.1)
3. B Baker (37.31)


50m Freestyle
1. H Caton (25.95) *new record
2. M Brown (29.65)
3. B Zeuner (31.72)

50m Backstroke
1. H Caton (34.4)
2. M Brown (35.66)
3. H Smith (43.15)


50m Freestyle
1. A Barresi (34.15)
2. N Bishop (36.65)
3. A Phuy (41.22)

50m Backstroke
1. A Barresi (42.5)
2. N Bishop (48.87)
3. A Phuy (49.38)