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26 May 2021

A letter from Pope Francis to the Order of Preachers

This week marks two major celebrations for the Dominican community. First, the week marks…

This week marks two major celebrations for the Dominican community. First, the week marks Pentecost, which commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ Apostles and other disciples following the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Christ. It occurs 50 days after Easter Sunday, and is a reminder to us all to connect with the Holy Spirit in our lives, and to honour God’s plan and will for us.

On Wednesday, the Blackfriars community gathered for Pentecost Mass, to reflect on and be inspired by God’s wisdom, and all the ways in which this can manifest in our lives. For many, this can be through humbling experiences of forgiveness, love, birth, death, generosity and grace. Our ELC and Junior Primary students reflected on the meaning of Pentecost through a special children’s liturgy in the Chapel of St Albert the Great.

Secondly, this week we honour the 800-year anniversary of the death of St Dominic. To mark this occasion, we share with you a letter from Pope Francis to the Master of the Order, as well as a letter from the Master to the Order in response to the Holy Father’s letter. The full letters are available for download below, but this excerpt connects particularly well with the message of Pentecost, as well as our Mission as Catholic educators more broadly.

“Dominic responded to the urgent need of his time not only for a renewed
and vibrant preaching of the Gospel, but, equally important, for a convincing
witness to its summons to holiness in the living communion of the Church.

In the spirit of all true reform, he sought a return to the poverty and simplicity
of the earliest Christian community, gathered around the apostles and faithful
to their teaching (cf. Acts 2:42).

At the same time, his zeal for the salvation of
souls led him to form a corps of committed preachers whose love of the sacred
page and integrity of life could enlighten minds and warm hearts with the lifegiving
truth of the divine word.”

It is in this spirit that we wish a life of integrity, enlightenment and warm hearts for all in the Blackfriars community. We hope this season of Pentecost brings the love and truth of the divine word to you and your families.