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3 August 2021

A Headstart to university

Senior Blackfriars students are getting a headstart on their university education. Yemo Koo, Brandon…

Senior Blackfriars students are getting a headstart on their university education.

Yemo Koo, Brandon Truong and Joseph Snelling are among Blackfriars students taking part in Adelaide University’s Headstart and Flinders University’s Extension Studies programs. The programs allow students who have studied Year 12 while in Year 11, and achieved A to A+ grades, the opportunity to take on university subjects during their final year of schooling.

Brandon has tackled Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A/B at Adelaide University – and achieved high distinctions. He has a one-hour lecture and tutorial each week, along with laboratory sessions.

Yemo has completed a semester of Psychology at Adelaide and is now eyeing forensic science.

“Through the Headstart program, I was able to gain insight into the curriculums of the course, learning how to plan out my study while balancing my social life,” Yemo says.

“Also, utilising university facilities such as the hub central for studying helped me to be focused on my study. I believe this is a great experience to have before going into university next year as it will help me a lot in adapting to university life and study.”

Joseph, who is studying Introduction to Democracy and Government at Flinders, agrees that being part of the program will serve him well when he officially starts tertiary education next year.  

“The experience of attending university has, above all else, prepared me for my years outside of school,” Joseph says.

“Navigating my way through sprawling campuses – not to mention online classrooms – has given me the university life knowhow. While it is cliché to say it’s daunting to make the jump between school and university, it is true. I now feel better prepared for next year.”

As well as experiencing a taste of university, students can join social programs, clubs and sports and have access to support services, such as full access to campus, counselling and health care. The university studies are recognised by the SACE Board and can be used towards the students’ ATAR.

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