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29 October 2020

2021 financial matters

Dear families, The Blackfriars Board will be meeting in the coming weeks to review…

Dear families,

The Blackfriars Board will be meeting in the coming weeks to review the school’s budgetary position and to set fees for 2021. Many factors are considered as part of this process, including the school’s overall financial position, planning for best practice educational programs and facilities, and providing assistance to families who have children at other Catholic schools and/or who may be experiencing financial hardship.

Another key part of this process is reviewing directions and recommendations from our governing body. As you may well be aware, Blackfriars does not fall under the jurisdiction of Catholic Education South Australia; we are governed by the Dominican Province of the Assumption (Australia and New Zealand). However, the Blackfriars Board is committed to incorporating the aims of the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) and its Making Catholic Education More Affordable initiative in its planning.

In 2019, prior to the SACCS affordability initiative, the Blackfriars Board undertook a significant review of the school’s structures and operations. From this, several important outcomes were implemented for the 2020 school year:

Furthermore, in response to the adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blackfriars Board has made available unprecedented levels of fee support for affected families in our community throughout 2020.

In planning for 2021, the Blackfriars Board and Finance Sub-Committee are conscious of the commitment and sacrifice our families make so that their boys can enjoy a Blackfriars education. We remain absolutely committed to the prudent stewardship of every dollar invested in your son’s education at our school.

If you have not already done so, we encourage you to help us set our strategic priorities for the coming years, by having your say in our community survey:

With your support and feedback, the Blackfriars Board will be well-equipped to maintain an affordable fee structure, provide assistance to those in need, and most of all provide a specialist Catholic education for all boys in our community.

Further information about 2021 fees and financial structures will be communicated to families by the middle of November.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Cobiac

David O’Loughlin
Chair of the School Board