KESAB-run Nude Food Workshop for Blackfriars parents, students

In a bid to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill, Blackfriars and environmental group KESAB will next month host a free Nude Food Workshop for our Primary families.

The interaction session – part of the school’s Greenfriars initiative – will explore simple, inexpensive and fast lunchbox recipes that require absolutely no packaging.

According to KESAB, each year in SA, families of primary school-aged children spend more than $3.5 million on individually packaged items.

“We are collectively throwing away over 1.5 million yogurt suckers, 3 million small tubs and 11 million ziplock bags – that’s enough ziplock bags to reach from Adelaide to Ceduna and back if laid flat,” KESAB said.

“Landfill disposal is also usually a significant cost for a site. By reducing waste, more money can be invested on learning resources and teaching support.

“Unpackaged food also encourages better food and drink choices, as many healthy food options come with their own packaging.”

Greenfriars Coordinator Trent Allwood said the workshop – for parents and their children – would give attendees easy, practical options for environmentally friendly lunchboxes.

“A lot of people hear the term ‘nude food’ and think it’s all too hard,” Mr Allwood said.

“But the reality is, nude food is one simple thing we can all do to make a big difference to our environment.”

The free Nude Food Workshop is on Monday, 3 June, 2.30pm-3.30pm in Frassati Hall. Students are welcome to attend with their parent(s)/caregiver. Register here or see your SEQTA messages.

Blackfriars is accepting donations of plastic bread tags for recycling.

Meanwhile, also under the Greenfriars umbrella, Blackfriars is continuing to accept plastic bread tags for recycling. Last year, the school community helped divert more than 5000 bread tags from landfill.

Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs recycles the tags locally, raising funds to buy wheelchairs for disadvantaged people, mainly in South Africa. Since the charity’s inception, it has funded 95 wheelchairs.

Blackfriars is also accepting used batteries and mobile phones for recycling.

Greenfriars is an action plan to raise awareness of environmental issues and prioritise sustainability across the campus.


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