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The Blackfriars Parents & Friends Association is an integral part of the Blackfriars community, providing a structure for parents and others interested in the welfare of our students to plan and organise activities for the benefit of the school.

The Blackfriars Parents & Friends Association (P&F) was established in 1954. From its inception, it has assisted Blackfriars to achieve its goals by working in partnership in the education and development of students. The P&F and its sub-committees, exist for the benefit of the school – they are part of its structure; not something separate from it.


To ensure the success and growth of the school, the Blackfriars Parents & Friends Association aims to:

A warm welcome is extended to all Blackfriars parents to be part of the P&F Association Committee and/or it’s special interest sub-committees. Extensive research indicates that children benefit from parental involvement in school life and therefore parents are encouraged to become engaged and active participants at Blackfriars.

2020 P&F Association Committee

2020 Meeting Dates

The P&F Committee meets twice per term and all are welcome to attend. All meetings are 7pm in St Catharine’s, Blackfriars, unless otherwise indicated.

For more information about becoming involved or to enquire about attending our next meeting, please email us.

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities promotes, supports and advocates for the interests of parents and families who have chosen, or would like to choose, a Catholic education for their children. An autonomous, parent-led organisation, we work in many different settings to make sure the ‘parent voice’ is heard and helps to change things for the better.

Learn more about the Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities at their website and keep up to date with latest news with their regular newsletters available below.

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